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December 14, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ SEO

SEO PowerSuite is the must have software if you own a website or webshop and you want to rank higher in google.
SEO Powersuite consists of 4 parts that come in one package, they are:

Ranktracker – To keep track of your keyword positions in Google

With ranktracker you can find out how well you are doing in the search engines. It keeps track of your current ranking position and shows you if you are improving or not.

Website Auditor – To check the search engine friendliness of your website or webshop

You can monitor the health of your website. It will make reports, it finds dead links and looks for duplicate content. Checks page titles and metatags.


LinkAssistent – To control your backlinks

This is the link building tool of SEO PowerSuite. It finds link partners for you and monitors the value of the backlinks.

SpyGlass – To find out how your competition does it

The Spyglass tool shows you why your competitor is doing so well in the search engines. It reveals their strategy and shows you what your website is missing. SEO SpyGlass lets you find out for every keyword or combination of keywords what the backlinks of your competitor are. You can even add a specific competitors url and SEO Spyglass shows you all their backlinks.

1st page google ranking

How does SEO Spyglass work?

After starting the program i twill perform a check if you are running the latest version.
After the program has started it gives you two options.
“Enter the keyword you wish to rank well for”
“Enter the competitor’s url to analize”

When you enter your keyword or keyword combination you click on the next button. It will show you a list of search engines to choose from. Pick the search engine of your choice and the backlink counter starts.

This will take about 15 seconds and ends as soon as all links of the competitor who ranks number one for your keyword or keyword combination are found. Click finish and you get a report with all backlinks.

Then SEO Spyglass asks you if you want the backlinks to be analyzed. To get maximum results, don’t change the settings and click next. Now the software starts analyzing and this will take about 20 minutes.

The result is amazing. All information about your competitor’s website is shown. All backlinks are shown that point to the number one position in google for the keyword you entered..
It shows you anchor text, the page PR (pagerank) and the link value.

So how do you use this information from SEO Spyglass?

Above each column in the report is a button that let’s you sort the information. Use these buttons to filter for links that are most valuable for you. Are you missing PR 3 links, filter for websites that are most relevant for you to see if you can place a link here.
The anchor text shows you why the search engines put this website on the number one position. Remember, not only trong backlinks are important but also relevance.

Are there any disadvantages?

Well it takes a long time to build links to your website. It is very time consuming. Google doesn’t like automated search commands and Google will ask you the very first time you use it if you are human.

Do you want to try SEO Spyglass yourself?

Check out their website here:

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